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One of the more “haunted” places in Halifax; a city that is rich in history and in mystery; the wonderful 5 Fisherman Restaurant. Strange grey mists, taps going on and off, glasses and cutlery landing on the floor. The common “haunted location” feeling of never being quite alone…

Staff report cold spots and disembodied voices, including a man and woman arguing in a private dining room (Captain’s Quarters); this room also has apparitions who wander in and out. Ghostly hands are have been known to tap unsuspecting folks on the shoulder.

A frequent non-corporeal visitor is an older gentlemen, described as tall, with long grey hair and a long dark coat. He is often noticed when objects crash to the floor; one waiter reported seeing the man in a mirror after an ashtray was found, in pieces, on the floor. When the man noticed the apparition in a mirror, he turned to see who this was and there was no one there, turning back to look at the mirror, in shock, the reflection had vanished.

This same man was seen by another staff member; the man was on the phone and noticed the strange, tall man standing a distance away; he addressed the gentleman and informed him that he was be with him, directly. Upon finishing his conversation, hanging up the phone, he turned to speak to the man. He had disappeared.

Another incident was not quite so innocent; a hostess was showing clients to a table when she felt something brush her cheek, hard. She didn’t think much of it, at the time, when she returned to her station, the Maitre’d asked what had happened to her face. She went to look in the mirror and there was a clear imprint of a hand, as if she had been slapped.

A definite “must” if you find yourself in Halifax.