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On the corner of Guy and René-Lévesque, there stands the Grey Nun’s Motherhouse; it is now the property of Concordia University and believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Montreal.

The Motherhouse was built in 1871 for the Grey Nuns; it was not only a residence for the sisters but a hospital and an orphanage. There is also a crypt in the basement where 232 nuns are resting, hopefully, in peace.

The reason the bodies are still there, are hygienic; many of the sisters died of contagions, presumably caught while tending the sick in the hospital. Concordia did do extensive renovations, but the sisters still rest eternal in the basement.

The history of the place takes sad turn, when in 1918 there was a fire on the top floor, the orphanage. Apparently more than 50 children were trapped and died in the inferno. The exact number isn’t known as the interior was incinerated.

The sound of children crying is reported to be heard, emanating from the top floor. Some people, in residence at the building, report severe sleep disturbances, nightmares about dead children – sounds of running feet, always accompanied by the terrible, terrified, weeping of children.

There is a daycare in the building and there have been reports of children of the center making friends with “imaginary” children. The friends are described as having tattered, burned clothing.